My artform is primarily welded metal objects & architectural components for interior and exterior spaces. In my early twenties I started building assemblages out of scrap metal and other materials that I would find around town. I tied the parts together with wire, string and duct tape. I started taking night classes in welding at St. Paul Technical Institute and from that point I decided to make a career as a welder.

In 1995 I received a welding diploma and, after working as a production welder for a number of years I purchased my own equipment and tools and started taking commission projects to further develop my skills as a craftsperson. I have had a metal design and fabrication business since 2001, located in the old General Mills Lab in SE Minneapolis. All this time, I had my art practice alongside my metalwork business, finding time to create projects just for me when I could afford it.

I have always enjoyed the practical aspects of welding and have learned a great deal from working on private commission projects. Because of that my artistic practice is woven into my metal craft. I like the challenge of working closely with the clients to come up with a design that is both beautiful and functional.

Since much of the commission work I’ve done is very precise and technical, my metal art tends to be much looser, where I try to create pieces entirely from scrap parts and salvaged material. I also love objects to function in some way, even if it’s minimal or implied.

Within the last two years I have taken on less private commissions and started focusing more on developing a body of work that incorporates my sensibility as an artist and a writer. I’ve been creating small installations using the scrap I have in my shop, often incorporating phrases that I hand stamp with letter punches and a hammer.

Since I collaborated on The Art Shanty Projects I’ve been interested in creating more work that involves placemaking.

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